November 30, 2014

Conversations with...

... Strangers in the checkout line.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did. One of the things I like about myself is my ability to start up a conversation with just about anyone. Hubs wanted this huge TV that was on sale (and I wanted some leggings), so we braved the Black Friday hoards to get it. We got the TV no problem, but the leggings did not come in my size and we ended up getting Bear another bed, a toy, a ginormous rawhide bone, and some bungee cords for Emmy (our truck).

It all started when I asked the older couple behind us in line about the bucket of bungee cords they found, because it was bigger than the one we had. Then we proceeded to chat and the closer we got the register the better it got. After some small talk about the lines and crowds, we moved on to pets, which turned into this:

Lady: Oh we just celebrated 50 years together on the 15th.

Man: *Beaming* Yep.

Me: Oh wow!! Congratulations!

Hubs: Don't see that much anymore. Congratulations.

Me: What's your secret?

Lady: You just gotta work through it all. You're not going to agree on everything.

Man: *turns to Philip* All you gotta do is say "yes."

Hubs: *chuckles and nods*

Me and the Lady: *giggles*

Such great advice from her. They were so sweet. She even wished us a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas and said she was sure they would see us around sometime. And I truly hope we do.

Did you have any great conversations over Thanksgiving?

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