November 15, 2014

Conversations With...

... My Hubs

Ok. So I decided that I'm putting up my Christmas decorations a little early this year (aka: today! #dontjudgeme) and I dug the boxes and totes out last night. Hubs decided he wanted nothing to do with the putting away of fall decor and the searching through of Christmas decor to see what I've got to work with, so he went to soak in the bath. I crank up my Holiday tunes and put away the pumpkins and leaf garland. Once that was done, I opened up the totes and boxes that I haven't been able to sort through in about two years. I had forgotten about some of the neat things I have! And as I discovered more little treasures, I grew more and more excited.

This is what my kitchen looked like last night...

Me: *scampers into the bathroom and thrusts an item at Hubs* LOOK!! It's my kitchen Santa!! He's gonna look sooooo good in there!

Hubs: *trying to relax in his bath* That's awesome, babe.

Me: *bobs the Santa at him* Ho Ho Ho! *giggles and scurries back to the kitchen*

a few mins later...

Me: *scampers back into the bathroom* I even have cute little things for the bathroom too!!

Hubs: Really? Where are you even gonna put them? *looks around*

Me: *looks around* I don't know, but I WILL find a place! *scurries back out*

another few mins later...

Me: *scampers into the bathroom* OH YEAH!

Hubs: What are those??

Me: Snowflake lights for outside!! Our porch is gonna look so good this year. I've got so many lights and more garland and, and, and, it's just gonna be awesome. *scurries back out*

I love how he humors me. I get so excited about little things like this and he just smiles and nods and encourages me because it makes me happy. I can't freaking wait to have it all done. I'll definitely post pics once I'm finished.

Have you started putting up Holiday decor? If not, when do you plan to?

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