November 25, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All: The Thanksgiving Edition

I LOVE this link-up with Becca. I think Hubs does too, even though I always wait until the last min when he's half asleep to do the interview with him. Most of the time I have an idea of what he's gonna say, but sometimes he surprises me. Like with that last question.

1. What food do you look forward to most at Thanksgiving dinner?
Hubs: Green bean casserole.
Me: Do I make a good green bean casserole?
Hubs: Yeah.
Me: Best one you every had?
Hubs: Sure
(mm hmm)

2. Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday?
Hubs: We are kinda this year, but I've never been before.
Me: Why not?
Hubs: Haven't really wanted to buy anything worth getting out in the mess for.

3. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Hubs: idk don't really have any traditions. Eat food?
Me: Why don't we start some?
Hubs: Okay.
Me: What do you think we should start?
Hubs: Thanksgiving sex??
Me: *giggles* I guess so.... Does putting up our Christmas lights outside the weekend before count?
Hubs: Yeah, I guess it does cause we did it last year too.

4. Do you travel for the Thanksgiving holiday or do you stay close to home?
Hubs: Usually stay close to home because of my work schedule and all.
Me: Yeah, I'd rather travel for Christmas instead. Even though we're not going to be able to this year.
Hubs: Yeah. It sucks.

5. What are you most thankful for this year?
Hubs: You.
Me What about me??
Hubs: what do you mean?
Me: what about me are you thankful for??
Hubs: I'm thankful that you are an amazing cook and I'm eating better now that I have in a long time. Is that good?
Me: Yes. *blush*

Me: Is there anything else you wanna add?
Hubs: Goodnight blog people! I'm goin' to bed! (we did this last night)

And there you have it. Philip's thoughts on Thanksgiving. He fell right back asleep after I told him he was done too. Poor Hubs tries to stay up until I come home from class on Mondays and Wednesdays, but most of the time he can't. I guess the cats aren't enough entertainment for him.

What are your traditions? your favorite dish?
Most importantly, what are you thankful for most this year?

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