November 17, 2014

A Grateful Snow

Linking up with Ember Grey. for #GratefulHeart Monday

If you follow me on Instagram (or you live in Missouri) you know that it snowed yesterday. Our first snow of the season! I'm excited about it, but I'm probably the only one. And, if you've been around these parts of the interwebs for a while, you know I am in school again, and since today is Monday, I have class this afternoon/evening. Snow + Ice + Cold + Driving = NO BUENO! Especially for me having almost ZERO experience driving on it (I was born/raised/lived in Georgia for 27 years! And it really snowed maybe 3 or 4 times. I drove in it once a few years ago, and nearly totaled my shitty car).

Anywho! Those of you that follow in Instagram also know that Hubs and I just traded in my little Nissan Versa (her name was Sophie) for an F150 4x4. Hubs drives the truck (now named Emmy) and I get to drive the Mustang (named Ruby)! VROOM VROOM! Well, one of the reasons we decided to purchase our truck was my inexperience with winter weather and Hubs' worry that I might get into an accident driving in it to school. Hence the 4 wheel drive. That means I get to drive Emmy when it snows, and that makes me feel so much safer than if I was driving Ruby or even my little Sophie.

Meet Emmy! (Definitely not wearing a tank and flip flops today!!)

So today I am very grateful for our truck, Emmy. But I am also grateful for the beauty that is snow. Even in the coldest of weather, mother nature gives us an amazing view.

What are you grateful for today?

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