October 24, 2014

Sharing Some Blogger Love

I haven't participated in this link-up for a while. Mostly it was due to school and I didn't have much time to all of the blogs I really wanted to. And during my break between sessions at school, I've been trying to do more recreational book reading, which takes away from blog reading as well. But I have finally caught up and I have some posts to share with you all.

Becoming Adorrable - 8 Ways to Make a Cat Love You
Legit. I had to do all of these things when I first moved in with Philip and his (now our) two cats. It's not always an easy feat to win the hearts of fur babies.

Jumping JE - True Life: I Travel With A Penguin
I too have a stuffed animal I sleep with and take with me when I travel. I'm not sure why it's so comforting, even as an adult, but it is #Don'tJudgeMe. Maybe one day I'll do a post all about mine.

The Adventures of Bug and Boo - Who Am I Now?
This post explores all the facets of figuring out who you are besides your titles of wife and/or mother. We are so much more than that, and we have to learn how to not lose ourselves in those titles.

Love The Here and Now - The Ring
I love this post from Anne. I have a similar attachment to my rings, although for a very different reason. It really began when Philip's mother told him he didn't spend enough on it and showed him similar rings in a higher price range. We were was so offended and insulted by her comments. It made me attach that much more to the rings HE chose for me. I'll never give them up.

The Best of Intentions - Let's Not Talk About It
Let's talk about how awesome this post is.
Let's not talk about how much I want to steal this post idea in the future.

Notes From and Newlywed - I'm One of Those Skinny B*tches
Let's end the "war" between fat and skinny. Everyone has their own battles to fight and we should support and accept them all.

Our Nashville Life - Biggest Fear
Jackie and I share this fear. And it really is a big one.

Pink Nightmare - Blogging For The Sake of Blogging
I have recently (if you haven't noticed) decided to only blog when I have something to say or something I want to share with you. I can't just blog to be blogging because that's what's expected of me. I want to gain and keep my readers because I offer good content, not because I have flashy photos, stilly tips, and empty lists (although a huge thing about lists will be coming soon, they just won't be empty).

I know I'm breaking the rules a little bit by choosing posts from the past two weeks and by choosing more than just five. But I'm trying to play catch up here, so I thought it was necessary.

What are your favorite posts lately?

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