October 15, 2014


Today I'm going back in time to share a conversation I had with my mom.

Let's set the stage. I had just purchased a new (to me) car and was in the process of getting my tag. I had already gotten one extension on my temporary tag while waiting on the dealership to tell me it was ok to go pick up my tag, and I only had 5 days until it expired when I finally got the go ahead. On top of the deadline, I had just moved... ugh! After trying twice and not having enough proof of address and being in the wrong county, I made a third attempt only to find out the office was closed that day. I was extraordinarily frustrated. so I called my mother to tell her the story through angry tears. She listened patiently, then this happened:

Mom: Calm down, Amanda. You're driving.

Me: I'm fine! I just... ugh!

Mom: Well, all you have to do is go get proof of address from the bank, maybe print a couple from you're online bills just in case. Oh, and double check the days the offices are open.

Me: I know what I need to do, Mom!

Mom: I was just trying to help!

Me: I know. But sometimes when I call you like this I just need you to be mad with me.

Mom: (in her sarcastic angry voice) Dammit! I am SO MAD!

Me: (laughing hysterically) That's better.

Mom: (laughing with me) Feel better?

Me: Yes. Thanks Mommy.

Mom: That's what I'm here for. Lubs you.

Me: Lubs you too.

Love the Here and Now

And since today is Wednesday and we share our wishes on Wednesdays, here's mine. I wish that everyone has someone they can call or talk to when they are frustrated, angry, sad, or happy that will share their emotions and support their decisions.

What are you wishing for?
Have you had a shareable conversation lately? Tell me all about it!

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