October 1, 2014


Hello October. Welcome back, I've missed you! Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It brings out the sweaters, boots, and scarves I love to wear; it marks the beginning of the holiday season (I start mine with the First Day of Fall!). Along with the changing of the seasons comes the chaining of other things in life too. So here's what I'm currently up to.

Loving... The amazing fall weather we've been having. We don't have to run our AC and it's not cold enough for a heater just yet. #savingmoney

Reading... Breaking Dawn (book 4 of the Twilight Saga) for the millionth time #dontjudgeme #TeamEdward

Feeling... #Stressed. Finals are approaching, and I still have to finish my term paper and powerpoint presentation for Psychology.

Watching... Gossip Girl. I finally gave in and now I'm hooked. Thank you Netflix. #XOXOGossipGirl

Writing... other than this blog post, I'm writing my term paper and working on my study guides. #SchoolIsCool

Listening... Classical and instrumental music. It helps me concentrate when I need to get stuff done. #focused

Wanting... some new shoes for fall. All my flats are old and stinky. #shoppingtrip

Needing... some coffee. I wish Starbucks was closer to my house. #caffeine

Avoiding... #Amazon. I don't need all the things. I don't. I don't. I don't. (These are the things I have to tell myself to keep from going on an online shopping spree!)

Trying... to keep up with social media, blog reading, studying, TV shows, family, and my husband all at the same time. #Exhausted

Hating... that my favorite tumbler straw cup broke last week. But that means I get to buy a shiny new one, right? #moreshopping

Missing... My mom. I miss her all the time really. #momsarethebest

Considering... rearranging my house. #decor

Wishing... a wonderful beginning to the holiday season for everyone! #happyfall

Hoping... that you will take advantage of the discounted pricing on my Sponsor Ads this week! (Sale ends Monday, October 6th) #pleasepleaseplease

Thinking... that I should probably check on the bagels in the tooter oven. Don't want them to burn! #breakfast

Praying... for a speedy process time on my financial aid issue that got resolved yesterday. #gogogo

I used all the hashtags... #SorryNotSorry

What have you been up to lately?

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