October 30, 2014

Conversations with...

... My Hubs

While I like to think I'm pretty decent at cooking, I don't particularly like it. I do like cooking for people, especially my husband. And my favorite is when he helps me cook. We end up having some pretty hilarious conversations during prep and of course while we eat. Take this conversations for example:

Hubs: Hey, smell my hands. *He shoves them in my face*

Me: Oh. *scrunches nose* Garlic.

Hubs: What? You don't like the smell of garlic?

Me: I like the smell of garlic, just not all up in my face.

Hubs: You must be a vampire then.

Me: I thought you were the vampire.

Hubs: I'm only a vampire from the waist down.

Me: *laughing* From the waist down??

Hubs: Yeah. I got fangs in my pants! *gestures to his crotch*

Me: *dies of laughter*

I'm not entirely sure what he means by "fangs in his pants" and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.

What conversations have you had lately?

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