September 19, 2014

Me, Myself, and I

I was tagged last week by Melissa (you can read hers here) to do this post about myself. And I thought it was super fun idea and immediately accepted the challenge. We're supposed to share seven random facts about ourselves. I'm pretty sure I do this almost every time I post, but I'm going to try and think of weirder things to share today. Hopefully not so weird that you leave and never come back in fear of catching my weirdness though.

:: Ok. Lets start with voices. I talk in several different voices. Each voice has a specific meaning behind it, and goes with a particular mood, person, or event. I have a cutesy voice I used to talk to and for my cats. A sweeter cutesy voice I use when I'm trying to be cute and get my way when I talk to my husband or my mom. I have more of a southern accent when I'm around my family, or just in Georgia in general. I have a serious voice, a joking voice, and a soothing phone voice. I'm not sure why I do this... and I can't really control it.

:: I can't pronounce "anemone". Nope can't do it. Every time I try I end up blubbering around like Nemo and it comes out ah-meh-nem-no-me... yeah. Not even close. Cinnamon is another one I have trouble with sometimes.

:: I really like to watch documentaries on Netflix. Especially if it's about England. The ones about Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and the old castles are my favorites. I generally do this alone, or if Philip has already fallen asleep.

:: I made a huge bowl of AutumnMazing on Monday, and it's over half way gone.  Seriously, in Love with this snack. Seriously. (I posted a "recipe" here).

:: I only wear my glasses when I don't feel like putting on make-up.

:: I like to clean the earwax buildup out of my husbands ears. He won't do it, so I do it for him. But, I'm also a picker. I like to pop pimples and ingrown hairs too (I know it's gross, but it must be done).

:: Hubs and I have farting a burping contests. He usually wins the smelliest farts, but I get the medal for loudest burps. #noshame

I hope these don't deter you from coming back. Please, please come back. Please?

Now I have to pass on the nomination to a few bloggers that I hold near and dear to my heart:

Jackie from Our Nashville Life
and last, but certainly not least, the cutest Snicklefritz on the planet

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