September 2, 2014

Let's Play A Game

I could make all sorts of apologies and excuses about not showing up here yesterday, but you know what? I'm not even sorry.

I had a wonderful Labor Day. Probably the best one I've had in quite some time. I disconnected and spent some real quality time with my husband. I didn't study (although I probably should have), I didn't read any blogs, I didn't even check twitter more than that one time in the morning. Instead, I read my book, watched two movies, and played Trivial Pursuit with Philip for hours. 

We love playing board and card games as an alternative to watching tv/movies, playing console/computer games, or getting lost in the social media apps on our phones. So I'm going to share with you some of our favorite games to play with just the two of us. 

1. Trivial Pursuit (duh)
What sucks about Trivial Pursuit is how much you don't know. I feel like a dimwit every time we play - yes I just said dimwit - but I end up learning a lot of new things.

2. Uno
It's easy and fun.

3. Hand and Foot
This game is similar to canasta. I found some rules here, but there really aren't any "standard" rules. My family uses a little from each different version listed (I can email you a copy if you want).

4. Scrabble
Because words are fun.

5. Phase 10
This card game is what would happen if Rummy and Uno made sweet, sweet love and had a baby.

What are your favorite games?

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