September 29, 2014

Hello Fall

Hello Fall Wreath

I didn't show up to class last week #badblogger

I would spew a bunch of apologies at you, but I'm really not that sorry about it. School and life just take precedence sometimes. I still love you guys and I did miss this space. I'm grateful to have a place to come to. I'm grateful for you, my dear readers, and all the amazing feedback I receive, even when I abandon you for a week.

You know what else I'm grateful for? Fun shopping trips with Philip. Halloween is around the corner and that means that the costumes, candy, and decor are flooding the stores. An impromptu photo shoot in the middle of Target was necessary.

And since it's fall, I broke out the fall decor. I put the final touches up yesterday and I have to say I am very pleased with myself. I was so glad the Amish store up the street had corn stalks for sale, it saved my decor idea for my porch. What do you think?

Front Porch Fall Decor

What are you grateful for?

Don't forget that the second edition of the Conversations Link-up is tomorrow! And guess who's co-hosting?? Emily from Ember Grey. I am so excited! See you lovelies tomorrow!

Ember Grey

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