September 30, 2014

An Interview Conversation: Blogger Men Tell All

Today is the second Conversations link-up day! I am so excited to read your conversations and was so pleased at the feedback from those who did link-up (thank you so much!!) and commented last time. As promised, Emily from Ember Grey. is co-hosting this week, so be sure to go check her out and follow her on all the links!

Knock on Wood

Becoming Adorrable

This time is gonna be a little bit different. Becca from Becoming Adorrable announced last week that she is hosting a link-up today as well, and it just happens that her link-up sorta fits in with mine! Blogger Men Tell All, it's an interview style conversation you have with the man in your life. Hubs and I did something similar a while back (here) and it was super fun, so I didn't see why this one wouldn't be either!

1. If you had a blog, what would you call it, and what would it be about?
Hubs: *rolls eyes and then thinks really hard* Assclowns anonymous.
Me: Really?
Hubs: Are we being serious of funny?
Me: Serious.
Hubs: Ok. Ummmm I would probably write about video games. I'm not very good at naming stuff though. But maybe something like "I Love My Gamer Butt"

2. If you could live inside any video game, which would it be?
Hubs: I have two choices. Do I have to pick one?
Me: What are your two choice?
Hubs: Mass Effect or Dragon Age.
Me: Well which one do you like better?
Hubs: Well I like them the same, but I would chose them for totally different reasons. Mass Effect for all the technology and Dragon Age cause I would get to be a knight.
Me: With shining armor?
Hubs: *nods* Uh huh. Even though I'm already your knight in shinning armor.

3. Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season?
Hubs: Well, I'm not doing fantasy football this season.
Me: But if you were, who would you pick?
Hubs: Peyton Manning. Even though he's not doing well right now.

4. If you could play for any professional sports team, which one would it be?
Hubs: Do you really have to ask that questions? I think you know the answer.
Me: *typing*
Hubs: *scarcastically* The London Sillynannies. *laughs*
Me: *laughs* No but for real. The Broncos?
Hubs: Yes ma'am.

5. What do you typically do with an hour of free time?
Hubs: Play video games.
Me: Is that it?
Hubs: For the most part. I don't really have that much free time. It's either that or take naps.

That's my husband.
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