August 27, 2014


I'm not Spoiled just well Loved

I am spoiled. But not in the sense that I have diamonds dripping off of me or fancy cars or am able to get Starbucks coffee every day. I prefer silver jewelry and wear only the minimum, I have a 2010 Nissan Versa that I adore, and I'm only allowed to get Starbucks maybe once a week on school days.

What I am spoiled with are the little things in my everyday life. I am so lucky to have an amazing family and to have finally met and married an equally amazing man. I have never wanted for anything and I usually get my way when it comes to what I want. And usually what I want are simple things.

If I don't feel like cooking, Hubs will take me out (this happened last night). I usually get to choose the restaurant and have final say on what I make for dinner.

My mommy makes me whatever foods I want when I visit.

When I was in high school I had braces, so I couldn't eat a few things like corn on the cob. So when we did have that for dinner, my dad always cut the corn off the cob for me so I would eat it. Still does to this day when we eat together.

Mom also gives me first dibs on her home decor when she's decided to change things up, or just doesn't want them anymore. And when I lived in Georgia, I don't think I ever really had to buy paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, and body wash because I just raided her stockpile whenever I visited.

My husband puts most of the laundry away because he knows I hate doing it and if it were left up to me, we'd live out of laundry baskets instead of dressers and closets. I never have to change the cat box or take the trash out either.

I have been given free reign when it comes to re-decorating our house (within a budget of course).

Hubs washes my car for me. He also makes sure my tires are properly aired up and that my oil is changed on time.

And if we had a garage (and when we get one) mine will be the one that gets to sleep in there at night (if it's only a one car garage).

During long road trips, Hubs lets me listen to my music more than half the time.

During the long distance portion of our relationship Philip always came to Georgia. The first time I had ever been to Missouri was when I decided to move here.

We changed sleeping sides of the bed because it makes me more comfortable.

I always get to push the cart when we're shopping.

I am truly blessed and very grateful to that the people in my life Love me this much. And I Love them right back and do my best to reciprocate all their kind actions. I just hope and wish that everyone could be this spoiled, all day, every day.

How do the people in your life spoil you?

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