August 4, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday

Linking up with Ember Grey for #GratefulHeart Monday
I know I say this almost every week, but I cannot say it enough. I so grateful for my husband. He does so much for me, for us. He works so hard and so much to make us a comfortable life, a comfortable future. All the while supporting me and my dreams, do anything and everything to ensure my happiness.

Sorry for the gushy crap today. And I don't mean to make my life sound so amazing and perfect, because it's not. Sometimes I forget to be grateful. When he huffs and puffs if I ask him to help me cook dinner. When I've had a bad day. When he turns the volume up too loud while playing the PS4 while I try to study. When he leaves his dirty socks on the couch. When he gets frustrated too easily at a task. When I get frustrated at a task. It's these time when I need to stop and take a breath and remember that these little things do not make a bad life, only a bad moment.

Philip is an amazing man and he deserves the best. I don't think I always succeed, but I try every day to make sure he knows how much I appreciate and love him.

What are you grateful for?


  1. So sweet. And good to remember - bad moments do not make a bad life. Love that!

  2. I think we all are blessed with great guys in our lives. Does that mean our lives are perfect? Or that they are? Nope. Perfection doesn't exist. But there are times that they come pretty close right? And I don't mind the mushy posts....nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to love!

  3. Just because we find ways to be grateful doesn't mean we are perfect or that our lives are! Just means we are focusing on the positive and trying to spread the cheer =) Besides, who doesn't love a mushy post about the ones we love!? :) Happy Monday!

  4. I love hearing other people give thanks for their signifiant other... it never gets old and honestly, I think people should do it more. Don't you ever apologize for it either! I LOVE that you have someone who supports and encourages your dreams... I feel like that's such an important quality, and really- in all close relationships. This is such a sweet post, thanks - as always - for linking up! XO

    1. "significant" ... spelling problems today, my bad.

  5. I think I need to be more grateful for my husband. I don't think I appreciate him as much as I should. You are inspiring to pay more attention to the things he really does to help us.

  6. This is so sweet. I love these types of posts.


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