July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Mommy!!

Happy Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday!! I'm not gonna tell you how old she is, because she would kill me a lady never reveals her age.

She hasn't been one to celebrate this occasion in some years now, and always scolds us if we spend any money on her. The scolding also happens around Mother's Day and Christmas as well. But that's mom's for ya, amiright?

My mom is a pretty smart lady. I mean she shared some awesome tips and words of wisdom when I visited her for Mother's Day a few months ago (you can read that post here). She took care of three kids on a single mom salary. And she's always got a cool craft idea up her sleeve. So today we celebrate her, and all the wonderful things she has given to the world.

Ok I have to share TWO funny stories about this photo.

1. When we were getting ready for our Mother's Day outing, I had already come down stairs wearing my blue shirt before my mom had gotten dressed. So while I'm sitting in the living room (probably instagraming this picture and taking a selfie to send to Philip) she comes rushing out of her bedroom only half ready to excitedly show me she's gonna wear the same color shirt! She stood there for a second smiling like the goober she is and then went running back into her room to finish putting her makeup on. *side note: my grandmother wore the same color shirt as well.*

2. While trying to take the picture above, we could not stop laughing. It took us several attempts to even be abel to hold a pose long enough to take one. After about ten minutes we finally got a good picture. Why so long? My mom was more fascinated with looking at herself on my phone. She kept making faces and adjusting her pose, and her eyes were never looking at the camera, but at the screen. And when I'd point it out, we'd just laugh so hard. How do you explain that to your family in the other room? You can't. You laugh through your attempted explanation, and then they give up trying to figure it out.

So Happy Birthday Mom. I love you big.

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  1. Happy birthday to your mommy! Make sure you tell her I told her too! <3


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