July 30, 2014

Don't Try So Hard

the florkens

I saw Kate's post last week about this link up, but completely forgot about it over the weekend. And after seeing so many beautiful posts by some amazing women I was reminded and inspired to join the link up myself, albeit late, but better late than never.

I grew up watching my mom put on her make up; my Grandmommy and my Gramma too. Once I was old enough, my mom showed me how to do a little bit myself. I liked it. I looked like I actually had eyelashes and if I chose the right shadows, it made my eyes pop even more. The more compliments I got, the more often I applied the powders and mascara until I wore it daily.

Until I started my nanny job, makeup was a part of my daily routine. My hair, well it's as straight as can be and only needs a good brushing. Once I was only around that sweet little boy all day, the makeup didn't matter. It was about him. I realized that I didn't wear makeup for me, I wore it for the people around me. After that, I only wore it on special occasions.

To this day, my mom still tells me my eyes are prettier when I wear makeup.

There. Me. No makeup. Half blow dried, half air dried hair. No filters. No editing. Just moisturizer, a hair brush, and some natural light.

My eyes are still pretty and I never have to wear blush (thanks Rosecea). And I don't need makeup to have a pretty smile.

What do you love most about yourself?


  1. I have always loved your eyes and smile! You're so beautiful my friend! :)

  2. I agree with Melissa! You have beautiful eyes and hair and I'm totally jealous of both!

  3. great post! that is true, you arre still beautiful with no makeup on

  4. Your eyes are gorgeous - and so is your smile! I am so inspired by all of these posts!

  5. You're beautiful! I wish I could feel comfortable going makeup-less. I have Rosecea, too but most people don't know it since I wear makeup all. the. time.

  6. I love this post! Gorgeous girl.

  7. Love this post. You are beautiful with or without makeup <3

  8. I always get compliments on my eyes and smile and I hear alot of "You look just like your mom." So I'm use to it by now. :D b/c I've seen pics of my mom back in the day and she was a knock out and I know now why daddy snatched her up. It's always great to have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile.

  9. You have a GREAT smile!!! (And my mom says the same about my eyes, too. Must be a mom thing... they KNOW what's true) ;)

  10. I agree with this post 100%. No one NEEDS to wear make up to be beautiful. That is bull crap. Natural is the way to go imo.

  11. you look great and your eyes are gorgeous with or without makeup! thanks for linking up :)


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