June 9, 2014

That Time I Saved My Phone From Drowning

I started my classes last Monday, so most of my week and weekend looked like this:

Loads of fun... (insert fake-ass smile here).

No, but really, I learned a lot of cool stuff and took more notes in two days than I have in the past nine years. Anywho. Friday evening, I thought I'd reward myself with a glass of wine and a bubble bath. Like the good blogger I am, I had to document this event with a picture. Once I took the picture, I texted it to one of my best bloggy friends, Kathy. In my attempt to return my iPhone to the counter, it slipped out of my hand and dropped right down into my gloriously bubbly bathwater.

Apparently I have the reflexes of a cat and snatched my phone right back out and dried it off. My phone seemed to be ok, but I wasn't going to take any chances. I called to my husband to bring me that random bag of rice from the pantry and a tupperware container. 

After a few hours of the rice treatment, I checked my phone's vitals, and it's still seemed to be doing just fine. Still not entirely positive we were out of the clear, I told my phone it had to spend the night in the rice bowl.

To my relief, I woke to find a perfectly working iPhone Saturday morning. No heart attack needed. So very grateful to not have to buy a new phone. And that bubble bath, I still enjoyed it.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I always wondered if that really worked!

  2. Hi there! Stopping by from GHM link-up. Bubble baths are so relaxing + are definitely something to be grateful for. Glad to hear your phone didn't bite the dust. I've lost a few phones in the exact same way, haha.

  3. "reflexes of a cat" - I'm seriously dying. Years ago, before I had the iPhone, I was taking a bubble bath and Cleo (who is obsessed with water) came JUMPING into the tub, knocking my phone into the water (it had been sitting on the edge). I did the same- put it in rice and it did fix it! (I have since learned to shut the door on Ms Cleo and keep the phone far, far away from the bath.)

  4. LOL on the rice image!!!!! It will attract asians to come fix it for you!

  5. Ugh that is the worst! I remember when my roommate spilled her entire glass of wine on my blackberry...the rice asians couldn't fix that one!

  6. LOL! That thing about the rice is hilarious! I wonder if it works when you spill juice in the keyboard as well?
    I'm glad your phone still works. I once gave a Nokia lovely flip phone to my mother and she dropped it in the dish water. It was alive but the screen was gone. It was a lovely phone, the last one I had before smartphones. Now she has an iphone and I do too... would hate to have something happen to it.

  7. Hahahahaha! I love that quote!!!!! So glad I saved this to look at the pictures at home!

    Now I feel guilty that I caused your phone to fall!

  8. My little brother put his phone through our washer and he left it in rice, on the dashboard of his car for days. It saved the phone!

    <3 Jackie

  9. I have heard that works....pretty sure your quick reflexes truly saved the day!


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