June 19, 2014

#TBT: Meal Times

Peaches in Missouri

Happy Thursday! It's time to link up with Melissa and me for another round of Throwback Thursday! Today we are talking about meal times. Were you a picky eater? Did you get in trouble for not eating all your food? Did you try to give your broccoli to the dog?  In what ways did your parents make meal times special?

Throwback Thursday Meal Times
Pawpaw, Mom, Grandmommy, Baby F, Me, and C
My mom was one of those moms that made you sit at the table util you had finished everything on your plate. That's how we learned to like a lot of foods, but it was also a form of torture to a kid like me who was very picky. I still am pretty picky about the foods I eat. Most of the time my mom made foods that she knew I would eat no problem. But sometimes... she would make Hamburger Helper *barf* and I would put up a bit of a fight.

I think C got the worst of the nasty food torture. As a punishment once (I think for bad grades at school), Mom made him eat an entire plate of canned spinach. Have you dated canned spinach? It's pretty gross. He gagged a few times, but managed to get it down. Let's just say that his grades improved after that.

C had to sit on a phone book when he was really little!

My mom did try to make meal times fun for us too. She always told us that eating fish was good for the brain. So when we had fish for dinner, we got to eat by candlelight. Then we would attempt to make the flame dance with our minds because we ate all of our fish. I found out when I got older, my mom would blow on the flame to make it moved for us, but we never noticed because we were so focused on trying to make it move!

My favorite meal of the week was Friday. Mom would order pizza or Chinese food and us kids got to eat in the living room while watching TGIF, then Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and of course, Walker: Texas Ranger. But the best part was we got to make a pallet in the floor with blankets and pillows and sleep in the living room too! My brother, F, coined the term "panc-out", like pic-nic and camp out put together.

We looked forward to that all freaking week!

What were meal times like when you were younger?

Next week on #TBT Stories: What is your first/favorite family vacation?

Peaches in Missouri

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  1. Canned spinach... *shudder* I'd have gotten good grades too! yuck!

  2. This has nothing to do with your post, but my name is Amanda Nicole as well!!!!!! How crazy!!!!


  3. I used to only eat the peas out of my dads chinese food....i was so weird


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