June 20, 2014

Procrastination Station

Everyone has put something off at some point, either because you don't want to do it or you have OCD tendencies like me and can't do something without doing this other thing first so you can concentrate on the thing you should be doing. This is happening to me more frequently now that I am back in school. And because everyone loves a good list, I present to you the list of 25 things I do when I'm supposed to be studying.

1. Writing blog posts like the one you are reading now!
2. Reading and commenting on other blogs.
3. Making/Editing images to go with blog posts.
4. Browsing Twitter.
5. Browsing Instagram.
6. Staring out the window.
7. Updating my editorial calendar.
8. Updating my planner.
9. Texting my mom.
10. Taking pictures of my cats.
11. Taking Selfies.
12. Dishes.
13. Texting my husband.
14. Saving a baby bird that fell out out of it's nest.
15. Checking on said bird periodically throughout the day.
16. Thinking of blog topics.
17. Re-organizing the craft supplies and other items that get piled on our kitchen table.
18. Checking and responding to emails.
19. Texting Kathy.
20. Texting Melissa.
21. Tweaking my blog design.
22. Doing blog designs for other bloggers.
23. Playing 4pics1word on my phone.
24. Talking to my mom on the phone.
25. Absolutely nothing.

Some of those things are totally ok though right? Like the dishing have to get done and you can't ignore your mommy!! What do you do when you procrastinate on something?


  1. #10 is my favorite! hahahaha

  2. this is a wonderful list though. :)

  3. Isn't it amazing the things that you can do instead of homework?! I bet you could have kept going and going on this list HAHA

  4. Good for you! Procrastination is my game! Well... sometimes. Other times Thomas wishes I would procrastinate!

  5. #10 hahah. I understand! And you know I fully support #15. Did the mama come back and get it?!


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