June 6, 2014

My First Week of Classes + My Favorite Bloggers

As you know, I started my classes this week. I have two this session: Psychology and History on Monday and Wednesday mornings. I've already learned a good bit, but I've still got a long way to go in a very short amount of time (one session is only 8 weeks!). Getting up slightly earlier hasn't been a problem at all, I look forward to it! What I didn't expect was being mentally drained on the days I have school.

My history class won't be too bad. No papers to write, I just have to pass the quizzes and exams. I can do that. Psychology, though, I have a lot of work to get in. A review paper on a published psychology experiment, an interview paper about someone in the field, a two page summary on what we learned from the chapter we read in the book, and a mini research paper. I'm exhausted just typing that out!

I can't decide on the topic for my research paper. I have two in mind, so maybe you all can help!

Option 1: Motivation and Emotion
I was thinking of doing something involving motivation to get healthy/lose weight and it's effects on one's emotions.

Option 2: Social Behavior
Mostly likely something to do with either the effect of divorce on children or maintaining an intimate relationship.

What do you think?

I did get to go shopping after school on Wednesday. I got a new bag to carry my books and a fresh new planner for the 2014-2015 school year. Kind of excited about them. 

And now I'll give you some non-school related things to read! I've been back in the blog world since January after a year's hiatus, and in those six months I have found some amazing ladies. Here are my top five bloggers that I look forward to reading. Every. Single. Day.

Kay is my adorable little Snicklefritz and if you've ever read her blog you'd know how hilarious she is. Not to mention she has an amazing list of blog ideas for those times you don't know what to write about. 

This girl is amazing. She's come so far on her weight loss journey and has been such a great source of inspiration for me on my own. And the love between Meighan and her fiancé is so freakin' cute!

I came across Emily most recently. I quickly fell in love with her optimism and the sweet little insights into her relationship with her husband.

Shannon is a phenomenal writer. She has this wondrous way with words that will make your heart smile. The passion behind the letters on the screen is so evident, you can't help but feel like you know her.

Seriously, Whitney is the coolest chick in Blogland. She is honest and real, and she tells it like it is. No sugar coating needed. I live vicariously through her, because she lives in Orlando and can go to Disney World whenever she wants. I'm so jealous.

What do you think I should write my paper on?
Have you read any of my favorite blogs? Aren't they amazing?


  1. I say about motivation. I think that would be an interesting paper to read and it would be helpful to those who read it that are in that situation. :)

    Isn't buying new school things the best reason to go to school?

  2. Thanks for your recommendations on bloggers. I hadn't found Shannon or Kay yet.

    <3 Jackie

  3. Giiiiiirl, you just charmed the pants right off of me. Thank you so much for the shout out. (We'll settle up payment for that later)

  4. I would say go with social behavior! that sounds interesting!

  5. You're so sweet!! Thank you for including me in this post, I'm so flattered! <333

    I would def. write about social behavior. I loooooved my Psych classes and always got good grades. It fascinates me to no end.

  6. I just keep picturing you with your purple pen! ;) (Loving that bag!!!) I really like Option 1 (I know a ton of bloggers right now who are getting healthy.. running marathons... bootcamps... juicing... becoming vegan, etc.) Thank you so much for the mention, Amanda :) Looking forward to checking out your other recommendations!!

  7. Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog through Ember Grey. Lovely blog you have here! Can't wait to read more.

  8. I would say motivation and emotion! Gashh I remember those days that I ended mentally drained. I was tired, but I miss it. School is so much fun... at least for me! :)


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