June 10, 2014

In Your Face!

You guys know I've been struggling with my lack of motivation to get off my ass workout. Well, I think I've found a solution. You see, my mother-in-law purchased an elliptical a while back and ended up giving it to my sister-in-law several weeks later. Now that my sister-in-law is moving back to our po-dunk town, the elliptical made its way back into my mother-in-law's house. We all know this poor elliptical isn't going to have much space to move around in her house and seriously cannot compete with 11 cats (and her husband) for her attention, so Philip and I (mostly me) offered to adopt said elliptical.

Yep, this bad boy lives in our living room now. And it just stares at me, taunting me, daring me to use it every day. An in my face reminder to get off my ass workout. Now I don't have the excuse of it being hot and humid outside, and I guess that's a good thing. Another plus? I can watch TV (read: Netflix) or even read with my Kindle while chugging along in the comfort of my living room. Rain or shine, cold or hot, allergies or not, I have an option for cardio.

Also, I asked everyone in Friday's post what I should write about for my term paper in Psychology. Most of you guys said I should do Option 1: Motivation and Emotion in Psychology involving motivation to get healthy/lose weight and it's effects on one's emotions. And after consulting a few more people (specifically my mom), that's what I'm going with. Should be an interesting topic to explore since I, and many of you, are going through a similar journey.

I feel like the elliptical needs a name. Suggestions?



  1. I keep telling my husband we need a treadmill - because if I see it I will HAVE to use it!

  2. 11 cats?!! Definitely a good thing you adopted it! I'd definitely call it Ellie the Elliptical, but thats because I had an Ellie the Elephant growing up haha

    1. Ummm.... can we talk about the ELEPHANT you had growing up?? (You're talking about a stuffed animal, right?) (Right??!)

  3. To answer your question: "Ellie." I used to do the elliptical years ago. It's probably the most fun cardio machine, but it lacks in true exercise. Make sure to get outside to workout whenever you can! I joined a hiking group to do so which helps to motivate me and makes exercising more fun! I hate exercise but I discovered I do not hate hiking, as long as it is with awesome people :)

  4. Oh I LOVE the elliptical!! As for a name... when I was taking a song-writing class, we had to each name our cassette tape (oh yeah, my teacher still works with cassette tapes). I named mine a full name: Howie Duett. So this way, when I went to work on my songs, I could sing "This is How-we-do-it!" to pump myself up. Worked every time ;)

    So excited you chose Option 1. Looking forward to hearing more of your findings ;)

  5. I'm going to bug you and make sure you get on that every day! While you study!

  6. Ellipticals are wonderful! Love them, kind of. It's that whole hard work business that gets me. But seriously way nicer to my knees than any run or treadmill. I definitely wish I had one hanging out in my living room!

  7. Ellipticals are great! I still remember the first time I asked where they were in a gym over here. I had all of the people behind the desk staring at me with blank faced expressions....I had to do the motion with my hands before they knew what I was talking about!! Ha! A name...I would probably go with something like Lippy :)


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