June 3, 2014


I've been slacking big time in the past few weeks on the intentional exercise department. Other than the daily chores and fun activities I do with Philip, I haven't made an effort to move my body for the benefit of my health. And that needs to change.

Philip made a comment over the weekend that made me feel bad for letting it go this long:

I looked forward to our walks because I got to spend time with you. And it keeps me awake longer (insert cute chuckle here). I would like to see you get back on track though.

This whole time, I'm thinking he hates working out and would rather lay on the couch than go for a walk with me after working a twelve hour shift. Our evening walks were a wonderful opportunity to talk to and spend quality time together without distractions. Who am I to deny him this?

As of yesterday, despite my selfish and slightly unreasonable hatred of being hot and sweaty, our evening walks have been reinstated. I might even start doing yoga again. Who knows!!

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  1. Yes. Good for you!! I've been thinking of adding in evening walks with my sister just for the heck of it! So I approve of this! And how sweet of your man! Awweeeeee

  2. Keep it up, girl! I know the hot weather sucks, but it will be so worth it. Plus you have the ultimate supporter by your side 100% of the way! Your man is the sweetest!

  3. YAY! I'm so glad you're getting back on the workout grind! I need to too. I have DEFINITELY started slacking, but you may have just given me some encouragement! keep kicking butt!

  4. It's so nice that he wants to spend this time with you <3 now that you're back in school, def look at the gym or classes they offer there. It's a great way to meet people too.


  5. Yay for you!!! I hope to find something similar with Thomas.

  6. It's always good to have that support system. I know sometimes I fall off and my boyfriend is there to nudge me in the right direction. Sometimes I feel so lucky. But here's to a new month and new progress!


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