June 18, 2014

A Fashion Post?

A Victory Maxi-Dress Fashion Post

I don't know if you heard, but I am totally sure I aced my test in History on Monday! *high fives all around*

In celebration, I was given permission to make a victory purchase. What did I choose? This amazing coral colored maxi dress with shiny embellishment on the top. At first I was unsure of the color, but once I put it on I was in love. It's a little long for me and my stumpy legs, but that's nothing I can't remedy.

As soon as Philip got home, I couldn't wait to show it off to him. Then I had an idea. I should take pictures of me in my new dress and pretend to be a fashion blogger for a day.

HAHAHAHAHA! Well, let's just say, my husband isn't the best photographer in the world, and I'm still learning how to position my body for the most flattering poses. We had a quite a few really bad photos that immediately got deleted, and a few that were just ok, but will still probably never see the light of day.

I did save a few of the one's I wasn't crazy about, and perhaps one day I'll be brave enough to show them off in a nostalgic post about that one time I tried to be a fashion blogger.

My Attempts at Fashion Blogging

The dress came off a ginormous rack at Ross and I only paid $17 for it. Score! I hardly ever buy clothes from department stores anymore, because there are so many affordable options to get the exact same items for wayyy less. You just might get them a season late, and I'm totally ok with that.

I have a presentation to make tomorrow (today, by the time you read this) in my Psychology class, and I'm almost positive I'm going to wear my victory dress to boost my confidence. What do you think?

P.S. I promise I won't become a fashion blogger. I'll leave that to the professionals.


  1. That color is so pretty on you, you look great!

  2. LOVE the dress! it's very YOU ;)

  3. First of all, YAY YOU!!! Kicking butt at school is hard. I know because I'm trying to do it, too. :/ But I'm so proud of you! You are going to kill your presentation! :) Also, the dress looks fabulous on you! I love it! I love Ross, they have the best stuff. Last season, four seasons ago, I don't even care!

  4. ohhh I LOVE that on you!!!! Coral is such a great color on we super white gals ;) (Obviously, I can say this because I'm the fairest of them all.) WERK it girl! ;)

  5. You're poses look great and I love that dress on you!

  6. The poses look nice to me! Love the dress and the color on you. Also? The close up headshot - you look great!!! You should use it for the blog!

  7. Oh I love your new dress! What a bargain!! The colour is gorgeous :) Congrats on your victory purchase haha.


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