May 9, 2014

This Is Where I Write

Today I am pulling another idea from my Snicklefritz's blog idea list

#17 Where do you write your blog posts? Show me, Tell me!

The beauty of using a lap top is I can write from anywhere I want. For instance right now I'm writing from the guest bedroom in my parents house in Georgia.

But, normally I write on my couch. It's not a huge desk or a home office, but it's super comfortable. One day I would like to have a cute little desk in our spare room, but it will have to wait. For now, I will stick to my little corner bang out blog posts for you guys.

Where do you write? Laptop or Desktop? or BOTH? 


  1. laptop! almost always on the couch or kitchen table.
    wait, i lied. sometimes i write at work, which is a desktop. sssh...

    i love your bed! and love the polka dot throw :)

  2. Laptop and often laying in bed for me! Lately on the weekends I've been taking my computer outside!

  3. I think I would die if I had to blog from a desktop. I love my laptop and the fact that I can write from anywhere!


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