May 8, 2014

TBT: Siblings

Throwback Thursday Stories

Siblings! Tell me all about them! How many do you have/wish you had?

I have six. Yes, you read that right. SIX. Granted we don't all have the same mom/dad, we are still siblings and I love them all. Here's the kicker: I'm the oldest. Three brothers and three sisters. There is a ten year gap between me and the youngest, and the fact that she's got her drivers license now makes me feel old.

Ok, here's where it gets complicated: I share my mother with C and F, but I only share my father with E. D and K belong to my mom's husband and J belongs to my dad's wife. I lived with C and F until I was thirteen, then spent my high school years with J and E. It wasn't until I started college that K and D came into the picture, but if feels like they've been around for ages. And J just got married last June, so I have a brother-in-law too. I guess that makes it seven siblings now. Got it? No? Don't worry, I made a fun graphic to help you get things straight. I made sure to number us in order of age as well.

Well that's my immediate family. I'm not going to even touch on the rest of them just yet. And hopefully after my trip to Georgia this weekend, I'll have a bunch more pictures to share with you for future #TBT stories.

How many siblings (real or imaginary) do you have?

Next week: Share any TBT story you want! 
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  1. Wow, I'm boring! I just have one older brother!

  2. wow! haha. this is awesome. i have 2 brothers and 4 half sisters - we all have the same dad and my brothers and i have the same mum, and 2 sisters have a different mum, and then the other 2 have a different mum. haha! but i dont really know them. anywho. yours is so much more interesting and fun!

  3. I have 1 full blood normal sister. Then 3 adopted sisters that are biologically only children. 1 is my neighbor who is 6 years older, we lived next door to eachother until she moved out for college, she taught me more about life than any biological sister would ever be expected. The other 2 are cousins, one on each side, but very much like sisters. We rely on each other for support, advice and sharing clothing.

    I love your family tree graphic! That's how I have to explain my parents siblings etc.

    Have a great day!


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