May 14, 2014

Lavender Dreams

I was looking through my posts and realized that I haven't shown you much of our home, besides the kitchen and bathroom. I am driving home from Georgia today, and besides my husband (!!!), my bed is what I miss most when I'm away from home, so I thought I'd take you on a tour of our master bedroom.

I didn't have to do much in here, as it was already painted my favorite color. I hung curtains, put some art on the walls, and rearranged the furniture a few times until I found a layout I liked that worked with the functionality we needed in the room.

I ended up with a catty-cornered bed, the dresser on my side of the bed, and the chest of drawers on the wall opposite the bed. It still leaves us with a lot of room to move around, and easy access to both windows. While we don't have a bed frame at the moment, our box springs, mattress, and memory foam topper are tall enough for it to seem like we do! I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed when I get home tonight.

Scott, my teddy bear, lives in here. For the past 10 years he has been the guardian of my bed and the slayer of bad dreams. He's also a good pillow and keeps me company when Philip has left for work.

Our house has zero closet doors... odd, I know. Maybe one day we'll install some.
We keep the cats out of our bedroom because they like to climb curtains and clothes, and attack inanimate objects at random. I would hate for the ball to vanquished while we aren't paying attention, so my exercise ball lives in here too, when not in use

I love our bedroom, but I do have a couple small additions in mind. I'd like to make a headboard for our bed and possibly add an area rug. No rush though.

What color are your bedroom walls? Show me where you sleep!


  1. Oh I love your room! I wouldn't like not having closet doors so I'd probably add a curtain - but sounds like the kitties would have too much fun with that :)

  2. Cute room!!!!! Love the purple walls!!!


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