May 23, 2014

Friday Favorites: My Everyday Jewelry

Even though no one has emailed me, tweeted, or just plain asked me, I'm sure you are all dying to know, but too afraid to ask. What pieces of jewelry do I wear almost every day? Well, calm your tits, cause I'm going to show you! Peeing your pants with excitement yet? no? Fine, steal my thunder.

1. Necklace 

It says "A". You know, for Amanda. Also for Awesome, Amazing, Accomplished, Amiable, Authentic, Affectionate, etc., etc. It's a two tone yellow and white gold pendant on a silver box chain. I couldn't tell you where to get one, because it was a Christmas gift a few years ago from someone I never expected to receive a gift from. However, I did a quick search on Amazon and this was the closest thing I found.

2. Celtic Knot Ring

It's a sturdy antique sterling silver. I wear this on my right hand, either on my first or middle finger. I got it at a street market in Savannah on River Street in 2008, but you can get one that looks just like it off Amazon here.

3. Infinity Ring

Also, sterling silver, but with CZ accents. I wear this on my right hand on my ring finger. Sometimes with my celtic knot ring. I have also worn it on a chain around my neck. Philip gave me this ring for my birthday last year. I tried to find it on Amazon again, but I couldn't *sad face*

4. Grey Pearl Studs

Every southern girl has to have pearls. They go with everything! These are cultured fresh water pearls with a silver setting. I bought these for myself a few years ago, but I can't remember where. They aren't hard to find though!

5. Wedding and Engagement Rings

I feel naked without them now and only take them off to shower, clean, and sleep. Philip did such an amazing job picking out the set; I am so proud to show them off whenever I can. White gold bands with 1.5 carat diamond. The eyelet lace pattern in the bands give it a unique and vintage look.

I'm pretty sure there's a link-up for this somewhere. I just can't remember who hosts it. So if you know, please tell me!

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

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  1. I Alllllllways with my name started with an A for the reason you said above (amazing, awesome, adorable etc)


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