May 26, 2014

A Grateful Heart: Time

Ember Grey. Grateful Heart Monday

Good Morning! I hope everyone is enjoying this last day of the Memorial Day weekend. Drink lots of water and don't forget to put on sunscreen!!

I'm popping in today to share with you, how grateful I am to be able to spend time with my husband. He generally works twelve hours a day Monday through Saturday, and sometimes a few hours on Sunday. But this weekend, he got half of Saturday, and all of Sunday and today off. Two whole days, in a row, to rest and play.

So far, we've watch six new movies, meal prepped for the coming week, grilled out, had a picnic (got sunburnt), and went to Sonic for half price milkshakes. Who knows what shenanigans we'll get into today, but I'm just happy being with Philip. 

What are you grateful for?

P.S. I'm also guest posting today over at Him & Me while Kathy is away on her honeymoon!! So go check that awesomeness out (here) as well!


  1. I love that you reminded us to drink lots of water and put on sunscreen.. something my hubby would tell me on a daily basis. ha! Very true. Bless your husband for all of those hours! Movie nights are the absolute best... wishing you such a blessed time with your sweet one XO

  2. I am terrible at remembering the sunscreen! Hope you had a wonderful day with your Husband :-)


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