April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: A Sad Clown

Throwback Thursday Stories

Yes, that is me in the top photo posing suggestively with a Lego Darth Vader. Who's that in the other photo? That's Melissa. She's been my friend for about 8 years now and we have a lot of hilarious stories we're going to share with you now that she's my new co-host for this Link-up! After all, we are on the same level of crazy. You probably checked out her little corner of the interwebs, Crazy Camp Camacho, on Monday when I announced she was joining me for the Blog Tour, but if you haven't, now's your chance! Go check her out and don't forget to link up with us each Thursday with your own fun story from our weekly prompt!

This week...


A time for scary stories, costumes, and candy! It's a truly great holiday for kids and when I was young, it was safe for us to walk around our neighborhood without our parents. I know it's way early to be talking about this holiday, but I found a photo that I just HAD to share.

Sorry for the quality. These pictures are old and were taken with a disposable camera.
I was supposed to be a cat (you can't see the ears or furry tail in this picture, but they were there!) and my bother... well, he was a clown. C didn't want to be a clown, can't you tell?

Ok. Here's the story. Mom asked us early on what we wanted to be for Halloween. I had successfully been a cat for the past few years and decided, why quit a good thing? C said he wanted to be a pirate. We had all the stuff for my cat costume and mom bought C his pirate costume. Come Halloween afternoon, C decided he no longer wanted to be a pirate. He wanted to be a superhero. It was kinda late to find him a superhero costume, and he refused to wear the pirate get-up my mom had already bought. He had two options: wear the clown costume from last year or stay home and hand out candy with Mom. There was no way he was giving up the handfuls of tooth decaying sweets our neighbors gave out, and begrudgingly donned the clown suit. Despite Mom's best efforts to make him a happy clown, his heartbreaking disappointment at not being a superhero still shines through. He was happily a pirate for the next year, and I finally exchanged the cat ears for a witch hat.

A couple years ago Mom's husband made us calendars for Christmas. Each one was personalized with photos of our family and funny captions. This photo was in mine for the month of October. I showed this page to C and we just laughed at the documentation of one of the few times he was overly dramatic as a child.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? What was your go-to costume as a kid?

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  1. i was some variation of princess/bride from preschool thru age 10, but my best costume ever was when i was Captain Hook when I was 22 and my roommates were the rest of the gang from Peter Pan

    1. I always wanted to do a group costume, but never got the chance.


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