April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories: My mom/dad "blames" me for _____ .

Throwback Thursday Stories w/ Peaches in MO

Today we are owning up to things our parents "blame" us for. 
In a totally, joking way! 

All parents joke about blaming you for something. Why the Christmas tree is tied to the window every year, why you don't use (or have) stemmed wine glasses anymore, or why all cell phones are taken away at family gatherings.

Toddler Me :)
My mom is no different. According to her I am responsible for my brother, C's existence in the world.

When I was about one year old, my mom moved us into a two bedroom apartment. For a long time it was just her and me. The summer I turned two, my curious toddler self inadvertently introduced Mom to C's sperm donor father. I just wanted to play with the frisbee! Mom didn't have to lift me over the side of the railing (we were on a ground level, she's no Michael Jackson) so that I could join the game! Obviously one of the guys playing came over and they started talking and one thing lead to another, yadda yadda, you know the drill.

Me (age4-5ish), PawPaw, and C (age 2ish)
I remember her asking me once, during the last few months of her pregnancy with C, if I wanted a little brother or a little sister. I am not sure of my reasoning, but I said I wanted a brother. My wish was granted July 13, 1989 (oh, I just dated myself didn't I?). I only remember seeing him in the hospital one time. He was so tiny and hooked up to a bunch of machines. Little dude's lungs hadn't fully developed. But I was so happy to see him and to help my mom take care of him.

My mom admitted many years later, we were all slightly intoxicated and playing a game of Phase 10 if I remember correctly, that C was an accident. And she followed that up with this, "And it was the best mistake I ever made."

P.S.I cried writing this post. I love my brother so much and am quite proud of my roll in his existence. He is one of the best people I know and I miss him (and the rest of my crazy family) so very much.

C and Me Christmas 2007 (please excuse my scary eyes!)

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