April 28, 2014

My (almost) Completed Kitchen

It's been while since I've worked in my Kitchen, mainly because I just didn't feel like it. It's a big room and there was so much to do, I wasn't looking forward to doing it all by myself. Well Philip had a four day weekend for the Easter holiday, and we decided that would be a great time to check that kitchen project off the list. We did two things: paint the walls and re-finish the cabinets.

Get caught up with my Kitchen project here and here.

Lets start with some before pictures. Please excuse the mess... I only remembered to take them as I had started to get ready to prime.

I liked the red, but we only have one tiny window in our kitchen and very poor lighting, which made it feel dark and closed in. I desperately wanted a bright and airy kitchen, so we decided to go with a light blue-grey color. It's neutral enough that I can change my decor easily should I so choose.

We also wanted to update out cabinets a bit, and the cheapest, not so much the easiest, way to do that is to refinish or paint them. I prefer stained cabinets over painted ones, and so does Philip. Luckily we both fell in love with the same dark stain at Menards and that was that.

The crappy primer coat in the kitchen made it feel open and bright, I could't believe it. Philip says he doesn't notice a difference, but that's a man for you. It feels more put together and stylish now that we've finished painting and stained the cabinets. Have a look!

I was also able to find and make a few more things for my space above the cabinets. The pictures were a great find at Walmart and I brought back a cat cookie jar my mom tried to throw out from out trip to Georgia at Christmas. I grew up with that thing, and later found out that my grandmother made it. I also made some coffee filter peonies to go in the milk bottle, and plan to make more for the pail. Click here for that tutorial!

The painting process was easier for me this go round, and it went pretty quickly. The staining process is hard and long, but that's a story for another post.  I am just in love with my new kitchen, and the only problem I have now is what to put on that large wall behind the table, new floor mats, and other decorative items. Any suggestions?


  1. I really like what you did! Really brightened up the room!

    1. Thank you! I can see and feel the difference and I'm so in love with the room now.


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