April 9, 2014

Game of Thrones Premiere


Sunday was the first day we turned on our Satellite receiver to watch live TV in about two months. Netflix has taken over, but the new season of our favorite show caused a lot of excitement in our house. Philip actually got us a subscription to HBO for the occasion!

Game of Thrones. Season 4. I. Am. So. Freakin'. Excited.

Since Kay said she wanted me to, I thought I'd jot down my thoughts for you during the episode.
If you haven't seen it yet:


If you have, ignore that last statement and enjoy my inner commentary:

Seriously?!? Tywin had ICE reforged into not one, but TWO swords!! And one of them goes to Jaime Lannister. Good thing I've sorta grown to like him a little bit. Wonder who gets the other sword. 
Jaime's hair looks way better short than it did long.  
"My bloody honor is beyond repair!" -Jaime Lannister
I still can't believe that he wants to stay with his evil sister.
Shit! He's 40! Dude, that means so is Cersei. I didn't realize they were so old. 
Still adore little Tyrion and Bronn is still hilarious. 
Prince Oberyn... likes boys...no... girls...both? Interesting. Do you think he'll hook up with Loras Tyrell at some point this season? 
Oh, it was his sister who married Rhaegar. Elia, that's a pretty name.
Whoa! Those dragons have grow a lot! Hold up, hold up, hold up! Did it just snap at Daenerys? 
Who the... oh man! They changed up Daario Naharis on us! The other guy was much hotter. 
Poor Sansa. Tyrion really does care for her and is very understanding of her grief. All the more reason I like him.
"[The Godswood] is the only place I can go where people don't talk to me." -Sansa Stark Lannister.  
Shae seriously does not understand the severity of the situation in Kings Landing.  
A golden hand huh? Bahaha that little wave was fantastic!
Still can't stand Cersei. Selfish wench wants an apology? Wow.
And now she knows about Shae. Poor Tyrion. 
I knew Ygritte couldn't really kill John Snow.
Ewww creepy scarface dude is a cannibal. 
Oh no! They are gonna sentence John to death!
Wait, maybe not.
Maester Aemon is wise. And funny.
"You always know when a man is telling a lie. How did you acquire this magical power?" -Ser Alliser
"I grew up in Kings Landing." -Maester Amen 
Margaery and her grandmother: adore.
Oh Brienne! Aw she told Margaery what happened to Renly. 
I really just want to punch that prick Joffrey in the face. When will this happen?!? 
Daario had some pretty good "strategic advice" for Daenerys. She is getting a little bit of a big head.
"You have to know a land to rule it...if you want them to follow you, you have to become apart of their world." -Daario Naharis 
Bahaha Brienne still giving Jaime hell, but she's right. He should still honor his vow. 
Please tell me we're not losing Sansa already! I know I don't care for her and all but, oh wait. It's just that guy she saved on Joffrey's name day thingy. Awwww he's giving her a present in thanks, and it's his mother's. 
What a pair, The Hound and Aria Stark.
I think he has good intentions deep down.
Ooohh She's gonna get Needle back. This ought to be good.
LOL The Hound stole his drink. I am surprised he hasn't knocked the guy out already.
He should have just given him the chicken, ijs.
Damn girl. She made sure he knew who she was too. She earned that horse.

While I am not particularly "wowed" by this premiere, I think it was a necessary (boring in Philip's opinion) lets-catch-up-with-everyone episode. Here's hoping the rest of the season is equally as amazing as it's predecessors.

Jaime's just like "really guys?" - Source

Did you watch it? What did you think?


  1. I've never seen the show before, but it would seem I need to start watching :)
    I love my tweets make appearances in your blog. hehe <3

    1. I love it. I found it randomly on a free HBO weekend a couple years ago and binge watched the first season. Then last summer Philip and I downloaded all three seasons and watched them.

  2. I was SO mad to see that they changed Daario Naharis. I was first confused then upset.

    Haha- great post!

    Jessi @ Not the Average Bear

    1. I was confused too! I much prefer the other guy, but I'm willing to give the new one a chance.

  3. I love Game of Thrones and thought this episode was just a catchup, but I wanted so badly for the story to move along, not crawl. Next episode should be something to watch, and I'm really curious to see how Arya develops in the show, since I still haven't read the books. Great post, found ya on 20sb!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

      I've slacked on reading the books as well. I have them on my kindle, but they move so slowly and it's a bit frustrating.


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