April 29, 2014

Are You There Motivation? It's Me, Amanda.


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Motivation and will power have escaped me recently. After a gloriously productive Easter weekend, I thought I'd stay on track and keep things going. Nope. Didn't happen. I got lazy and started craving Dill Pickle chips and M&Ms mixed with Reeces Pieces. And I ate them. An entire bag of chips and half of my candy mixture later, I felt awful.

Then the weather started getting moody and thwarted every attempt I made to go for a walk. I did a few video workouts and some stuff with my exercise ball, but not as much as I should have. Philip is working a lot and has been so tired, which makes me feel bad cause he'll always workout with me if I say I'm going to. That sounds like an excuse. But if your person has a physically demanding job, you kinda get where I'm coming from in not wanting to add to their body pain and fatigue.

Sunday wasn't any different. I checked my bloggy stuff, then laid around watching HBO and dreaming of an ice cream and cookie binge. I didn't binge, but I wanted to. Really, really bad.

Despite all the crappy food I ate and my lack of motivation to move my body, I ended up losing another three pounds bringing my total to TEN pounds. Which totally surprised me, and has kinda kicked my butt back into gear a bit. I really wish I had a workout buddy who lived close to me so I don't always have to rely on Philip so much (read: so I can let him rest when he comes home from work). Someone move here!

Here's hoping this week is better than last week, especially now that the junk is out of the house.

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Keep Calm and Blog On


  1. Papa John's has a cheeseburger pizza now... with DILL PICKLES on the pizza!! yes, I've had it... and yes I've eaten way too much.

    It's OK to have set backs, just keep swimming! :) way to go on your weight loss!
    Also, Can we compromise on the move and both of us just go to Tennessee?

    1. The only pizza join we have here is Pizza Hut *Sad Face*

      Tennessee. A fresh start for ALL of us! If only I could convince Philip and you could convince Josh.

  2. Girl, I hear you!!! It's a little something I like to call "Easter hangover". (And those dill chips look SO amazing)

  3. -10 Hip hip hooray!!! Now keep those temptations out of the house and focus on one day (or one hour!) at a time!

  4. Temptation is so difficult, especially after the holiday! Our house is swimming with chocolate eggs and bunnies everywhere! Found you through today's link up- your blog name is adorable!

  5. Hi girl, I found your blog through a link in Beverly's blog today. You sound totally sweet & down to earth, can't wait to read more! (And the story of you proposing to your fiance is so cute!!)


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