March 13, 2014

Thowback Thursday Stories: When I was 6

This week we are going back to the early grade school years. Age 6!

When I was 6...

For most, at age 6 you would have been in Kindergarten. I was born just before the cut-off date, so I was in First Grade. I was forever the youngest in my class and swishy wind breaker track suits were all the rage. You know what I'm talking about, and you know you had a set yourself. They came in bright colors and designs. My brother (age 3 at the time) and I had a couple of sets each and wore them everywhere. His were mostly blue and black, but I had pink, purple, and turquoise. We were so cool.
I tried to find a picture of my brothers and me,
but no luck :(    Source

On the weekends, my mom would make us take naps and like all young children didn't want to and would, instead, go into each other's rooms and play quietly. Soon we discovered a pattern in when we would get caught not napping. It happened only on days we were wearing our swishy pants. *facepalm*

My brother was always pretty innovative, so it didn't surprise me when he was the one to remedy our nap situation. One day while we were supposed to be napping, swishy pants intact, he came waddling wide legged into my room. I had to stifle my giggle and asked him what he was doing. 

"If we walk like this, mom can't hear us," he whispered back to me.
"Oh. Good idea!" and I followed him, waddling wide legged, back to his room so we could play with his matchbox cars. We didn't get into trouble for not napping because of swishy pants again. Oh, we still got caught sometimes, but it was for accidentally making too much noise.

I told this story to my mom years later and she laughed so hard. Then she informed me that she always knew when we weren't really napping, but as long as we stayed quiet she didn't care. BUSTED! The things we think we get away with.

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