March 12, 2014

Shit My Boyfriend Says While Playing Skyrim

He gets a little "help" from Misty sometimes
Boys play games. From time to time, they shout things at the TV or to their buddies online. Hearing this one-sided conversation can be either super annoying or super amusing and since I'm not going to be that bitchy-girlfriend-who-doesn't-let-her-boyfriend-play-games, I choose to find his ramblings amusing. And, really, they are.

After a fit of laughter that left me in tears with a stitch in my side, I informed Philip that his outbursts were going to be a blog post. His response? "Yay, I'm going to be famous..."

It all started with:

"Right in the flipping eyeball!"

He talks back to the NPCs (Non-Player Character) in his game:

"Yeah, I'll probably find him dean in a cave somewhere later."

"He's right in front of you douche bag!"

"Woo Hoo! He's sending me to fight witches!"

Then we have random things like this:

"Damn hobos!"

"Fuck you tree! Get outta here!"

Him shouting abruptly: "OMG!"
Me rushing from the kitchen: "what?"
Him: "I'm freaking getting shot at!"
Me: "Oh"

"Oh shittt! I'm getting werewolf powers!"
Followed by, "Now wtf? I don't wanna be a werewolf my whole life."
and then, "omg! now I'm freaking naked."

"That guy went down like a sack of potatoes."

"Why is the broom in the drawer? Who does that?"


  1. lmfao it sounds like my boy... (and sometimes me *cough*cough*)

    1. haha! I definitely spit out some random things like that when I play as well. But I write the blog, not him *insert evil laugh*


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