March 1, 2014

Back to School

College was always something that seemed natural but a little out of my reach, mostly for financial reasons. However, I did attend one lonely year at a Baptist school in North Georgia right out of high school. I started out studying music, then decided that I wanted to be able to enjoy it, not nitpick it to death, so I changed my major to nothing and finished the year with core classes and a fabulous art class. After that school year, I jumped into my string of menial jobs, one even paid for a certificate course that taught me everything I already know about being an admin.

Now I am in Missouri with zero perspective long term career opportunities, no friends, no family, nothing to do! Then it hit me. Now is the perfect time to go back to school and get a degree and perhaps find an amazing job here. I did a lot of research on the local schools and online programs, then I thought about my situation and learning style. An on campus program would be best for me. I learn better in person and will be able to meet new people and hopefully make some friends. 

There is a sister campus of Columbia College down at the Lake that offers the program I am interested in, so I filled out an application, then the FAFSA form Wednesday. I sent off for my transcripts Thursday. I'm sure I'll be accepted, but I'm still anxious about it as the next semester starts at the end of March and I am hoping I applied in time to start then and not have to wait until June. We will see.


  1. Good Luck!!!! I did 9 years post high school and I am over college, but I love it when people go back! I love the idea of school just not doing it myself. *good vibes your way*

    1. Thanks! *wafts the good vibes towards my body*


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