February 27, 2014

Weird Things My Cats Do

As we all know, cats are strange and independent creatures. They can become the most loving companions, they can be lazy bums that don't do anything, or they can be ornery assholes that pitch temper tantrums when they don't get their way. My cats are all of these things tightly wound in cute furry bodies.

If Misty doesn't get enough attention she knocks things over: cups and candles are her favorites.

Pumpkin things my lap is hers alone and will either kick Misty off or sit on top of her to take it back.

Misty will find a way to lay on Philip in any way possible no matter what position he's in.

Pumpkin thinks she is entitled to ALL the food. So I have to feed them separately. And hide the bread in the pantry. And thaw meat for mine and Philip's dinner in the toaster oven. Misty helps in her attempts to thwart my dinner plans though.

Misty likes to nap in weird places. Like dirty clothes hampers and pillow cases.

Pumpkin's favorite toy is the empty plastic wrapping that comes around a case of bottled water.

Misty's favorite place to grab a drink of water is the bathtub faucet. But if she does drink from the water bowl, she stand on the side of the bowl, dips her paw in, and licks it off.

Pumpkin likes to sit very close to your face if the lays on you.

Misty will lick your cereal bowl, dinner plate, pots, and serving spoons clean... just like a dog.

Pumpkin "talks" to us, well more like nags us. And sometimes Misty will join in.

Misty keeps warm by burying herself in the blankets on the couch.

Pumpkin keeps warm by either sitting on Philip's laptop or the cable box.

They both greet us at the door when we come home.

And most of all they love us and each other.

Do your cats or dogs do weird things too? or is it just mine?


  1. OMG. You should have heard how many times I said AW while reading your post! Your cats are too adorable. I love that the one kitty just sits on top of the other kitty and it doesn't even move. Haha so cute! I would love to have a cat more than anything, but my husband won't let me. So sad :(

    1. I've grown to love the silly and sometimes annoying things they do. It makes for good entertainment throughout the day.


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