February 9, 2014

New Vintage Antique

My mom's new house. She made pendant lights out of
 mason jars! Look, that is a super old whisky decanter with
matching glasses. And check out that butter churn on the
fireplace,it used to be my great-grandmother's. 
My mom and her husband moved into their newly built house just after the new year. It's huge and beautiful. When they decided to sell their old house to build a new one last summer, my mom also decided how she wanted to decorate this new house: Rustic, blue/turquoise, antique, with a bit of country. Conveniently, her sister in-law owns an antique store, so my mom started working there a few days a week to help out, and she got so many great ideas and connections to other stores for access to great items. I'm slightly jealous.

Anyways. I share her love of old and antique items. I don't mean that shirt you still love to wear from high school, even though that's totally great too. I mean antique and vintage items from when my great-grandmother was young. I just never had any or had my own house to decorate (my tiny ass apartment 4 years ago doesn't count). We have this amazing space above our cabinets in the kitchen that was lonely and bare. For Christmas we put some twinkle lights and other holiday decor up there, which made it seem even more bare once it all came down. And I'm re-doing the kitchen anyways, so I made it my goal to find the perfect items for the space above my cabinets. This is a time that I wish I had all my stuff here, but sadly, most of it is still packed up in a crappy storage unit in Georgia.

Milk bottle, hand weaved basket, glass canister, pitcher,
tea kettle, blue mason jar with aluminum lid.
Thanks to Mom, Pinterest, and Google, I was able to find the three antique/consignment stores in my podunk town. I took an afternoon and went to check them out. The first one I went to was a bright pink consignment store. It looked promising, but turned out to be crap. I didn't give up though! I dug around a little bit and found three great items that weren't stupidly overpriced.

The second store I went to was AMAZING. Legit antiques and vintage items. They played old music and had a green acres door bell that rings every time the door opens. Like, I want to work there it's so awesome (like mother, like daughter). I found so many things that I wanted, but sadly I'm not rolling in dough, so I settled with three fantastic things with a promise to go back for more. There's one more store, but I decided I shouldn't go there because I had already spent my budget for the day and I was already afraid Philip would forbid me to ever go to another antique store again. Luckily he was totally cool with my purchases.

This is how I arranged what I got. It's still a little bare, but something is better than nothing!

My mom was so proud of my choices *insert huge smile and pat on the back here*. And then she tells me that she's getting rid of some of her stuff and she's putting some of it in a box to send to me! Then she goes, "and I bought you two surprises" *excited squeal*. My mom buys the best surprises. I am anxiously awaiting my goody box. And you best believe I'll show everyone what she sends.

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