February 17, 2014

My Proverbial Marriage Clock Is Ticking

Once again, I went browsing The Bert Show's website and listening to old segments that I've missed since moving to Missouri. What can I say? I love the show and it gives me great material to write about.

This time, I came across a bit about marriage. Bert, the host of the show, believes that no one should get married before the age of 30. He's been stressing this for as long as I've been listening and his argument was pretty sound, especially by adding in his experiences with is own marriage. In a letter for HLN, Bert explains his view along with some recently found and surprising statistics that support his view.

Have a listen.

(Link to statistics) Crazy stuff right? But this isn't news to me. My mom is the perfect example of those statistics. She's been married five times, and I have had to live through each one with her. Once, a few years ago during a tearful heart to heart, I told her that I didn't want to end up like her in this aspect. And her response, "I don't want you to either." I love my mom and she's helped make me the person I am today. I just hope that I have learned something from her mistakes so I don't make them myself.

In the beginning of that bit, they mentioned an app that can tell you what age would be ideal for you to get married (Link). It uses information from your facebook to determine this ideal or perfect age. So I had a go with it.

So, I showed this to Philip last night and he just "humphed" and clicked the link I shared on Facebook. There were not enough married people or people with birthdays listed for him to get a chart like mine, so we don't know what his ideal age is, but I'm assuming it's similar to mine.  This is super funny for me because I sorta want a fall wedding. It's my favorite season. Philip and I are planning to go to Georgia in September so maybe... My parents do have an amazing club house in their neighborhood. Complete with a gazebo on the island in the middle of the lake.

But I digress. What's interesting, is I don't feel a crazy desire to have a big wedding anymore. It's not about the wedding for me, it's about marrying the right man. A man that is willing to put up with all my faults and love me even more for them. A man that is going to be there and support me in my goals while, at the same time, not compromising his. A man that can take care of me and our possible future family, and not just financially, as I would like to stay home with (I wish I had a job, but sadly I am still on the hunt), but physically and spiritually as well.

Check, check, and check. Philip is all of those things and I am very blessed and lucky to have found him, or maybe he found me.

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