February 16, 2014

All of Me

Sometimes in life, especially as a woman, a wave of emotion can hit you so unexpectedly that it literally takes your breath away. Anything can trigger it, but this time, it's a song. As your heart stops and you brace yourself on the walls of your shower gasping, you just let the emotion take over. Like the water, it washes over you, seeping deep down to your core. Something awakens in you, even though you thought you already knew, now you know for sure and it's more real than you could ever imagine. Tears blend uncontrollably with the water dripping down your face and you soak in every word, every note with understanding and truth.

The shower curtain slides open just enough to let him slip in beside you. The warmth of his bare chest against your naked back and the security of his strong arms wrapped around your waist seal the deal.

"Why are you crying?" He asks, concerned. I turn around to face him.
"Sometimes things just hit me and this song..." I choke on my words, tears running down my cheeks.

I didn't have to say anymore. He knew. Once again, he wrapped his arms around me, and we stood there, naked and exposed, until the very last note faded.

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