January 19, 2014

Project Painting: Phase 1, Priming The Kitchen

Kitchen Before
In coming to Missouri, I knew I was walking into a bachelor pad of sorts, but I also knew that I was going to have to deal with lingering bits of Philip's ex-girlfriend.
So, in order to scrub her out completely (ladies, you know what I mean) I decided to paint a couple of rooms: kitchen, bathroom, and spare bed room. Since we currently use our spare bedroom for storage, I'm not in a hurry to do away with the blinding pink on the walls. The kitchen and bathroom however we use daily, so I'm started there.

Our kitchen was painted a dark burnt orangey-red. It's not a bad color, but there isn't a lot of natural light, or light period, in there to off set the dark color. What really sucks is whoever painted it, painted the underside of all the crown molding, the tops of the base boards, and the sides of trim around doors and windows. After further inspection, all the trim needs to be re-painted anyways, so I'll just prime it with the walls.

When painting in your kitchen wipe down the walls and trim with a damp dishcloth, paying particular attention to the areas around the stove. Paint tends to go on smoother when the surface is clean.

Kitchen Primed

During this phase of re-decoration, I discovered how horrible I am at painting, rolling especially, but by the end of the primer coat, I was already much better. I was very lucky I got a bit of practice before laying on the final color.

With the help of my Crazy Cat Crew and my wonderful boyfriend, I was able to get the walls primed in two afternoons. The space feels so much bigger and brighter already with just the primer coat. I think it looks like crap, but Philip, who's done this sort of thing before, says it looks great for a Primer coat. So far so good! On to Phase two next week!

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