January 16, 2014

How I Got to Missouri

My name is Amanda and I was born and raised in and around Atlanta, Georgia. I always said that I'd never move away, even for a man. Well, I was wrong.

Just under three years ago I was dating this guy who really brought out the geek in me. He got me started on this online game and after seeing all the cute pets and fashion for the characters you play, I was hooked. Lets just face it, that is the real reason girls play those type of games. I made a bunch of friends to play with even after my loser boyfriend quit playing and the relationship ended. One of those friends was Philip. Just so happens that in February of 2013 we were both newly single. We started talking to each other more and outside of the game. Soon Philip confessed that he had always had a bit of a crush on me (insert cute giggles and blushing) and I admitted that I was starting to like him too.

It was the end of March, specifically the Friday before Easter. Philip and I are chatting on Skype and he was telling me he was excited about having the next few days off work. I joked saying he should come and visit me. He responded saying "what the hell, why not?" and about 14 hours later at 5:00AM he showed up at my door. I was nervous that he wouldn't like me in person, not to mention very surprised he came at all. We had a wonderful weekend together and he returned home Monday.

Our romance grew over the summer, even through my super tough patch. He was there for me when I was struggling with my job and when I stopped talking to everyone, including him. I literally went into some crazy hibernation, gorging myself with pizza and ice cream, but he gave me the space I needed. Only God knows why, but Philip was there for me when I finally worked myself out enough to come out of hiding, put on real clothes, and wash my hair.

His next visit, planned this time, was the weekend after my birthday in August. This time I was able to take him to see a coveted landmark in Atlanta: The Big Chicken. And we hung out with my amazing roommate and his boyfriend. Another great weekend.

Fast forward to the middle of September. I was having a particularly rough day at work. After sobbing on the phone to my mother while I was running errands for my boss, I had decided, with her encouragement and support, that I was just going to do it. I was going to move to Missouri and start over. I called Philip to tell him my decision and to ask him if he and his two cats would take me in or turn my crazy ass away. He likes my ass too much to turn it away and all animals love me, so here I am!

It's four months later and I'm sitting on the couch and he's fallen asleep to Conan. Pumpkin is curled up on my left and Misty has chosen her usual spot in Philip's lap. I couldn't be happier.


  1. Too sweet! I love love stories! I always thought I would never more for a man...and yet, here I am. Love changes everything :)


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